satellite3 (satellite3) wrote,

Satellite 3

Following in the footsteps of Satellite 1 and Satellite 2, Satellite 3 is a 2-day science fiction convention featuring the usual mixture of talks, games, panel discussions, and quizzes typical of a Glasgow Convention. There will be a real ale bar, a dealers' room, with SF bookshop, and a small art show.

GoH: Charles Stross

Location: Grand Central Hotel, Glasgow

Dates: 25-26th February 2012

  • Satellite 3 membership rate increase

    This message is to let any of you who have not yet signed up for Satellite 3 know that adult attending membership will increase from GBP40 to GBP45…

  • Join Satellite 3

    We will have a con table at Redemption later this month (25-27th Feb) where you will be able to purchase you Satellite 3 membership at the current…

  • Membership Rates Frozen!

    The committee are happy to announce that the current membership rates will remain in effect until after Redemption (28/02/2011).

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